Dr. Shree Manish Maladkar

M.B.B.S.,M.D. (BOM), M.C.C.P. (USA)

He is a medical post graduate from prestigious Grant Medical College, JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, India.
He has been engaged in contemplating the different aspects of human life since the last three decades. Professionally, he is holding the position of President - Medical & Regulatory Affairs in a leading pharmaceutical company and apart from his major contributions to the scientific community, he is actively engaged in adding value to inspirational and motivational literature. Some of his musings got published in reputed news papers like the Times of India. Incorporation of heart touching short stories and beautiful quotes makes this literature more interesting and worth reading.

About the Author

Dr. Shree Manish Maladkar is a Medical Doctor, he claims to be a Lightworker – a Messenger of the Divine Consciousness.

He is a strong motivator and a thought leader. Under the titles, Life – An Odyssey and Drishti, the author has compiled musings which create awareness about the hurdles in the journey of human life and throw light on the ways to bring about happiness while overcoming them. Incorporation of heart touching short stories and beautiful quotes make this body of work more interesting and worth reading. His musings have been published in reputed newspapers like the Times of India, The Speaking Tree and other reputed publications.

He has travelled extensively to more than 40 countries and all the vast experiences have also got translated in his writings. Being a voracious reader and an avid observer of human behavior has fine-tuned him as a writer.

He is a philanthropist and spiritual scientist; for those who seek, he is always ready to guide and explore their inner being.

He has been honored by Indian Medical Association for excellent contribution in the field of Medicine.

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Dr. Shree Manish Maladkar


Indian Medical Association (IMA)

On Doctor's day, July 1, 2019, Dr. Shree Manish Maladkar was invited by prestigious Indian Medical Association and felicitated for his contribution to the field of Medicine by Dr. Saurabh Sanjanwala, Honorable Secretory IMA.

A Passionate Naturist Too...

Baobab Plantation – A Success Story

Baobab tree is native to tropical Africa. The ancient, tall & stout-trunked tree is not naturally endemic to India. It is also known as “upside-down tree” as its branches resemble the roots.

India’s folklore holds several theories regarding Baobab’s arrival to the country.

The Baobab tree is called Kalpvriksha in Hindi (divine tree that fulfills one’s wishes). In Hindu mythology, it is referred to as one of the most precious tree on the planet, described as one of the 14 ratnas (precious things) produced along with the kamadhenu (wish-giving cow) from “Samudra manthan” (churning of the ocean of milk).

The unique tree is known for its succulent properties of holding water and nutrients much more than other trees that lead to a swollen base, a single tree can hold approximately 4500 liters. Indeed, the country’s Baobab sightings are limited and anecdotal.
Dr. Shree Manish Maladkar has successfully planted one such Baobab tree in 2012 and has planned to plant many more.

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