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The ever constant North Star cannot be seen in the broad daylight, though always present. The same is true with Divinity. Divinity or Supreme Consciousness or God exists but cannot be seen with our bodily eyes. To experience the Divinity, one needs to have ‘Drishti’, The Divine Vision. For the blessed few, the Vision exists by grace of the Almighty. The rest have to develop the Vision with spiritual pursuits by way of daily meditation and encompassing spiritual wisdom.

My offering to you in the form of “Drishti – An Insight for Soul Enrichment” will be a transformational journey from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge and wisdom.

This book will guide you to live a life in awareness, live a life of thankfulness, develop a positive attitude and enable you to take small and pertinent steps towards a “better self."

The journey through this book will stimulate your own thoughts, allowing you to live a more fulfilling life, the way it is meant to be lived. Life is after all, a journey within.

Sample Chapter


"We All Have a Beautiful Light Within. We Just Sometimes Forget It Is There."

So beautifully said by John Holland. We often forget that we are all born in His image. We are His creation. And at the same time we should remember that we have to pass the test of time and prove our mettle.

For that is the way we can recognize our own Light. Albert Orke says, “We must pass through the darkness, to reach the Light.” Through trials and tribulations, like a diamond is polished, so it happens with us. Our Light within can only shine when we pass the test of nature. Kabir Das writes, “At the falling dry old leaf the tender leaf does sneer.
...Says the falling leaf, “Today my turn, tomorrow yours. Have patience O my dear.” We all have to give this test of nature, but before we fall we must rise! And shine too!!

Isn’t it? What is dream for one can be a nightmare for the other/What is pleasure for one can be pain for the other/What is good for one can be bad for the other and/What is death for one can be life for the other! Hafiz rightly said, “Light will someday split you open even if your life is now a cage. Little by little, you will turn into stars. Little by little, you will turn into the whole sweet, amorous Universe.”Let me tell you a little story of creation. At a time, there was nothing – only one vibrant light and lot of smaller lights (energies) revolving around it. They had no desire at this stage, no thought – the state of absolute bliss. Then suddenly, among the cluster of lights, one small light got a thought – “I want” and it set out on a search. As it went, a few more lights joined it. These lights then reached a place abounding in natural beauty, but they were unable to experience it. The main light then gave each of those lights a special suit. Wearing these suits, the lights could experience so many sights, sense of touch, taste.. So enamoured were they that they didn’t even realise that their glow was now covered by the suit, to which they were bound. Slowly they forgot all about the main light and the state of bliss they were in. Now they were a body, no more a point of light.

As time passed, more and more lights came to join them, the space and resources became less and less and so, clashes began. Then one group of lights broke the suits of another group, as without suits they would not have been able to experience, and would be forced to leave.

Looking at them, others also started doing the same. Clashes became severe such that the place for which they were fighting started getting destroyed. The lights however keep returning, adorning newer suits. So life goes on, for most. Most do not realize that they are the Light and go on believing that the suit they are wearing is their real identity.

The true Self then gets involved in the worldly affairs, conveniently forgetting their real purpose. The real purpose was just to experience life and not get attached and lose one’s identity.
Let me share with you a discourse on darkness to Light.“In order for the Light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” - Francis Bacon

Seeker: Can you kindly elaborate on the above quote?

Maladkar: After the dark you can hear the song of the lark/Darkness teaches you the value of light/Darkness guides you to all that is right/Darkness makes you understand depth/Darkness wants you to have faith/So worry not when there is darkness/It will soon give way to brightness/Just have faith and patience. As Rumi says, “There is a secret medicine given only to those who hurt so hard they can’t hope.” You will sail through the dark phase, you will overcome the difficulties soon enough. When you see the star/You know it is so far/Yet when its light reaches/For sure to us it teaches/With an example of its ray/That even in dark there is a way! I recall the most famous Hindu prayer “Oh Supreme Divine mother, please take me from unreal to the real, take me from the darkness of ignorance to the Light of knowledge and take me from mortality to immortality.” Indeed Faith is seeing Light with your heart when all that your eyes sees is darkness.

So let that purpose to be once again the Light, be ever in front of your eyes. Let not the dust of living settle on your soul. Your life that you are now living and the true purpose of your life are both different. Actually tangent I can say. But the world will try to convince you, nay this is the way, but then you have to say, “that I am born of the ray and will never from that sway, so don’t take me away from all I may, achieve.” Rumi so aptly said, “There is a force within that gives you life. Seek that.” But mind you, you have to be passionate about that purpose at all times.

Let me share a discourse on being passionate.Performance always comes from passion and not from pressure. Always be passionate. Love what you do and do what you love. Success is yours.

Seeker: Beautifully said! My question is, “Is the quality of ‘passion’ innate, or it somehow can be cultivated and nurtured through proper mentoring?”

Maladkar: Good question. As you are well aware, the human potential is limitless. We are part of that Divine Light, which runs the Universe. So how can we ever be limited. Yes, we don’t

A must read book for you to become the real hero of your story.

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Read more in my book “DRISHTI – An Insight for Soul Enrichment”.

A must read book for you to become the real hero of your story.

Drishti: An Insight for Soul Enrichment