April 5, 2021
Everything Happens For A Reason
April 11, 2021

Discourse on Positivity
“Do not speak bad of yourself for the warrior within hears your words and is lessened by them.” – Old Japanese Samurai Proverb
Seeker: Why should we always believe that something wonderful is about to happen ?
Maladkar: We are what we think. We are what we make of our mind. We are what our thoughts dictate. We are what we tell ourselves. We feed in data and the output we get will be based on what goes inside. Good positive thoughts will generate a positive outcome only. A beautiful story will exemplify this. Many years ago there was a blind woman who lived with her husband in a tiny town. They were very poor and they had no children. Although the woman had a very hard life she remained positive and confident that one day something would happen to turn everything around. Then one day when the blind lady was all alone a fairy appeared and she could see it as clear as day. The fairy said, “I notice you have very little and you’ve been blind all of your life yet you’ve remained positive and confident and you have been a fine example of graciousness for those around you. Now, I would like to honor your dedication by granting you one wish and only one wish. I will come back in the morning to fulfill your wish.” The woman was surprised to say the least, but she was not shocked for she always held true that something would happen to turn her life around. Later that day the women told her husband what happened and he was ecstatic. He pleaded, “You should wish for sight. This way you can see the world for the first time.” The woman absolutely wanted sight, but she also knew that just being able to see wasn’t going to turn her life around. She wanted everything. Then the woman met with her extended family to tell them what happened, and they said, “You should wish for children, they will make you so incredibly happy.” The woman absolutely wanted children, but she also knew that just having children wasn’t going to turn her life around. She wanted everything. Then the woman ran into some of her friends on the street and she told them what happened, and they said, “You should wish for a lot of money. Money can buy you anything you want.” The woman absolutely wanted money, but she also knew that just having money wasn’t going to turn her life around. She wanted everything. As the woman thought over and over again about what she was going to wish for, morning came quickly and the fairy appeared as promised. Then the fairy spoke, “I have returned to grant your one wish. Have you made your decision?” The woman stood up positively and confidently, then she spoke. “I wish to watch my three children play in our family castle.” The fairy nodded in affirmation, then granted the wish. Thus the woman got what she wanted without settling for anything less than what she so desired.. She had a positive outcome as she was thinking positive and saying positive things to herself. Her inner voice got projected out with positive results. Being positive is the way to live life. Then we become the master of our destiny. We will beget what we sow. Let’s keep on feeding our mind with good positive motivational thoughts everyday, which will enrich our lives and give positive outcomes. Positive thoughts will attract positive outcomes. So the Samurai advice was not to say negative to oneself for the negative thoughts will get imprinted on the mind which will in turn lead to negative results. We will lose our self-confidence, our will to fight out and hence the caution. We should not defeat our inner power by external negative thoughts which itself are powerful enough to suppress the inner power and inner will. So let us bathe in positivity always so that the fragrance of positivity permeates through our own being and gives positive results.

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