Discourse on Overcoming Obstacles

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June 12, 2021
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June 19, 2021

Discourse on Overcoming Obstacles
“Never let someone with the significance of a speed bump become a roadblock in your life.” – Anonymous
Seeker: Sir, I did not understand the quote. Please explain to me.
Maladkar: A speed bump has no capability to become an obstacle in our way. Likewise, though not having capability, yet we allow people who are insignificant in our lives to block out happiness and cause us misery. These people themselves are of no importance but we give them a status of a roadblock. Actually what we focus on expands and that expansion makes a mountain of a mole hill. When we give importance to insignificant persons they become significant. We have to learn the art of differentiation. We should learn how much importance needs to be given. We often neglect that aspect and allow a dwarf to become a giant of trouble to us. When you do not pay attention (focus), then that person is pushed to the background and then that person will not become a roadblock. Never give anybody more importance than is needed. Remember the advice of Lord Krishna to Yudhishthir, “Life does not belong to those who fear it, it belongs to those who walk fearlessly.” So be not fearful of what damage that insignificant person may do in your life. Yes, s/he can be an irritant but certainly not a block. Walk on without fear. Bob Marley so rightly said, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” One should never blend in when one is born to stand out. So fear not and always proceed with confidence. For you are bigger than the block, always. The grace of Higher power will help you tide the pathway in spite of speed bumps. If a roadblock appears, it will be pushed aside. What is needed from your side is trust, patience and self-confidence. Never be in a hurry to reach your goal or you will take a longer time to do so. Gather your wits, gather your courage and go on strongly. A story will clarify what I mean by not being in a hurry. One day a man who had been to gather his coconuts loaded his horse heavily with the fruit. On the way home he met a boy whom he asked how long it would take to reach the house. “If you go slowly,” said the boy, looking at the load on the horse, “you will arrive very soon, but if you go fast, it will take you all day.” The man could not believe this strange speech, so he hurried his horse. But the coconuts fell off and he had to stop to pick them up. Then he hurried his horse all the more to make up for lost time, but the coconuts fell off again. Many times he did this, and it was night when he reached home. Thus, when you hurry, you worry. You lose your focus that is needed for a successful journey. You tend to worry due to your fears and then don’t focus on your strengths. When you are composed you can focus on your strategies better. Haste is indeed waste. So when we are sure of ourselves, then only we should proceed on the journey, and once you proceed then you should be unstoppable as then nothing should be able to stop you. Live life at your own pace. Don’t give overdue importance to people. Develop skills, have self-confidence, trust the Higher Power. Have patience, hope, passion and strong belief in your abilities. Then no person will become a roadblock to your progress.

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