Discourse on Overcoming Fear

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June 5, 2021
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June 19, 2021

Discourse on Overcoming Fear
“Fear makes your life crazy, Fear makes you lazy, Fear makes your life hazy.
Only love will make you outgrow fear, Only Faith will make you see fearful things as mere.
Only then you can live like a seer. Now even when things go down, you will not fear,
For you know that one day those very things will go up when you live life in cheer.”- Dr. MM
Seeker: Superb one Sir. Could you please guide me as to how to recognize that I fear ? Since it’s a spontaneous reaction to some situation. And how to replace thought of fear with thought of love ?
Maladkar: Good question. Fear is inherent in us. Though we are born fearless, fear is instilled from our very birth. Our parents, our society keep on telling us to be careful, not to do this or something bad will happen, etc. The society moulds our inborn fearless capability to that of fearful one. Fear of gods, fear of ghosts, fear of losing our job, money, prestige and even our love. We live in fear and die in fear. That’s how we are bred. So fear has become our spontaneous reaction to everything. Even if we love someone, we fear that person may leave us. Where is our faith ? Fear and doubt are two brothers which make life hell to us. So one thing is good that you have recognized that you have fear. If you are aware, then you can beware. Now you can be alert and try to overcome fear. So as I said in my aforesaid aphorism, the antidote to fear is love and faith. Both are pillars on which you can fight fear. Faith in the Higher will. Faith is leaving something for the Universe to work for you. Faith is creating an atmosphere for the Universe to create a solution for your situation. Since fear is inbred for decades in us, it is difficult to just wish it away. Fear remains, so the solution is to transcend the fear. How ? By making love the foundations of your living. When you learn to live in love, which is an inherent attribute you are born with, then love will dictate the way you react to all situations howsoever they are fearful. For example, when you have fear of flying, then that fear will remain when you are in flight, but now what you can do is to overcome that fear by thinking of loving thoughts of someone you love. When you think of the person you love, then the fear that you have will be overcome and faith will ensure that your love will succeed and not fear. Faith will ensure your safety and love will make you overcome the fearful thoughts. So when faced with fear, think of whom you love. It can be a person or a god that you love, and now fear will remain in the background, as faith and love will win to make fear lose !


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