Discourse on Good Intentions
June 19, 2021
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July 3, 2021

Discourse on Miracles
“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” – Wayne Dyer
Seeker: Do they require my will ?
Maladkar: My response to that will be both yes and no. No, because miracles are miracles. They are something which are not expected. They come out of blue or they come out of your prayers, or they come out of your karmas, or they come out of the grace by the Universal Consciousness. Also, my answer is Yes, because unless you are willing to receive the miracles, you will not receive them. You will simply bypass the miracle, you will simply not notice and recognize the miracle, you will simply be blind to the miracle, as you are not ready and willing. So your will is needed to receive the miracle. You will not be granted for what you are not ready. I am not referring to material possessions, they do not fall under the category of miracles. I am referring to higher things, that may be as simple as seeing a sunrise. Sunrise is also nothing short of a miracle. You are alive, you have woken up, you have seen the sun rising. There are many who at the same may have died, would have been sleeping, or who are simply blind. The sun rising is nothing short of a miracle if you really think deep and wonder on it. Likewise, there are so many beautiful miracles in your life.. You have to only open your mind to them and you will recognize your miracles. So be willing, be ready and let the Universe grant you more and more miracles.
Earth, water, fire, air and ether – these core elements constitute the entire manifest world of sentient beings and things. It is on these lines that Guru Nanak Dev regarded air as our mother and water as our father. Isn’t nature miraculous ? So are so many things around you. You have your breath inhalation and exhalation as a miracle, isn’t it ? So let us be willing to receive with open mind the miracles happening around us irrespective of our will. Whether you encounter the miracles is dependent on your openness to recognize them, experience them and live them. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) so rightly said, “Wise is he who knows the age in which he lives.” Similarly, one has to be always aware and alert to the wonders around, to experience the miracles !

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